How to avoid Global Warming by just taking some few measures at Home and Office place itself

     Hello dear readers today i'm gonna talk some few things about how to go GREEN?so that we can avoid Global warming to great extent.Every action of yours ,right from switching on electrical stuff like Washing machines,Radio sets,Music system,Computers,Electric Stoves machines,Refrigerators and many more all this add to global warming. you will be wondering that how can these all effects to nature and reason for global warming,Well I have taken some experiments that shows how much we are effecting.
* Recycling paper uses 90% less water & 50% less energy while compare  to manufacture of new paper And it also     produces 36% less CO2.

* An air conditioner(2.5 ton) used for an hour produces 3kg of CO2. If you Switch off your air conditioner for an     hour a Day then you can prevent 1095 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere annually thats how means 3 x 365days = 1095 kg.

* Using a geyser for an hour generates 3.3 kg of CO2,If you cut down the use of geyser by just one hour a day, You   can stop release of 3.3 x 365 = 1204.5 kg of CO2 into atmosphere annually.

* One dripping tap in a house wastes 13 litres of water in a single day.The wastage of water in a year                 13 x 365   = 4745 litres of water. On an average a person who who runs the tap while brushing teeth wastes about 7   litres of water.

* Well coming to Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) uses 1/3rd of the Electricity used by regular bulbs.If every   family replaces regular light bulbs with CFLs, 10,000 million watts of power could be saved. Energy used for our     daily needs of electricity comes from burning fuels.Using less power means lower emmission of greenhouse gases    into  atmosphere.

* people even uses vehicle for very short distance too they even dono that One litre of petrol produces about 1kg of   water vapour and 2.17kg of CO2.walking,carpooling or using public transport,will save at least two litres of   petrol a week.This will stop the release of 2.17 x 2 x 52(no of weeks in a year) = 225.68 kg of CO2 into   atmosphere annually.

* Using a microwave oven for an hour generates 1.3 kg of CO2.If you eat food without using your microwave to heat   it,just for one hour a week,you can stop the release of 1.3 x 52(no of weeks in a year) = 67.6kg of CO2 into   atmosphere.

    Your eveyday actions have far reaching consequences.It determines whether life on Earth will flourish or perish.One thoughtful action Or a simple change in your habit will go a long way in saving OUR PLANET . 

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