20 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

  1. People like to win free things, whether it the things they win are essential or not. Everyone simply loves a freebie. To advertise your site and increase your visitors, you might want to consider giving a free e-book to anyone who will join the site’s mailing list.
  2. Give away something more valuable like free samples of your products. In exchange you may ask your customers to give a testimonial. Testimonials add to the effectiveness of your marketing.
  3. Gain people’s trust by creating an eBook you made yourself. This will put you in the “Expert” category and people will look to you for questions. They will trust you and your product.
  4. Have a link where customers can get the website in the form of an eBook. This makes you more accessible to them. Or if you are into direct mail, include a DVD or a CD of your site in the package. This ca be given away by the recipient of the package and can increase your sales.
  5. Offer something for free for each purchase the customer makes. This always translated to value for money.
  6. Create a referral system. Give a freebie to someone who can refer a certain number of e-mail addresses of people they can get to visit your site. This will help create a mailing list for you.
  7. Create an eBook directory. Place all the websites you have in that directory. Give another freebie to someone who places an ad in their own website that links to that directory you have created.
  8. Make the eBook easily accessible and transferable. This can help your loyal customers distribute it quicker and easier, too.
  9. Conduct a market research based on the contact information visitors give in your website. This will help you identify the markets you are not so strong on, and you can focus on them more.
  10. Increase the number of people visiting your site for advertisement purposes by offering a place in your website directory. This can be used as advertisement space and you can even charge the people who will use it.
  11. Take care of your customers and give them monthly eBooks or newsletters. This will let them feel pampered and remembered. You can place new products by the end of the newsletter to keep customer coming back for more.
  12. Increase traffic by submitting your eBooks to websites that have shareware. This will allow people to download it even without visiting your site just yet. After reading the eBook about your products, they will be enticed to visit your site.
  13. Sell reprints to those who want to sell the eBook you made.
  14. Hold a contest for the websites that best advertise your content and give them free space in your website directory.
  15. Tell people about your site and your eBook, and ask them for referrals, too.
  16. Cross promote your eBook with other products and services. Some people may not be satisfied with just a freebie, so show those people exactly what you have in your company.
  17. Give incentives to customers who are subscribed to your newsletters. These are people who spread the word around and get people to visit your site
  18. Give away a freebie to those who will become your affiliate. This will increase the number of people who will advertise the website.
  19. Give incentives to people who will respond to your follow up marketing.
  20. Make sure that you keep people interested. Offer them new freebies as time goes.
Note: Self research and analysis is important part before listening and following any tips. Moreover you may also use openinviter for spreading your brand into huge no of masses (use this plugin if your using wordpress blogs).
Do you have any other tips to boost the website traffic? If yes,please share with us.Make sure you keep this list in mind, and watch your traffic grow!

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