Creation And Manipulation Of Digital Images By Fiero Animals

Fiero Animals, Moscow, Russia. It is specialized in the creation and manipulation of digitalimages, blending of photo compositing, 3D and illustration. Fiero Animals gives service to the advertising sector, magazines and movies.
Nikolai Kvartnikov is an illustrator, photographer and digital artist behind Fiero Animals. I have no words to describe his work you can only judge it by seeing it. Here i have collected the awesome creations done by him.

Woman With Motobike

Woman with Motobike - Print for Redstorm Studio

Lion & Zebra

Lion and Zebra - Fiero Animals Campaign

Wolf & Hare

Wolf & Hare - Fiero Animals Campaign

Jaguar & Monkey

Jaguar & Monkey - Fiero Animals Campaign


Bomb - Print for The Moscow News campaign

Keyboard Grenade

Keyboard Grenade

Play With Fire

Play with Fire - Print for Burn Campagin


Barbarian - Print for TV3 Channel

Cosmo Woman

Cosmo Woman - Pring for TV3 Channel

Under Water

Under Water - Key Art


Redstorm - Print for Redstorm Studio

Go To Heaven

Go to Heaven

Road Queen

Road Queen

Go & UFO

Go & UFO - Illustration for Website

Go Against The Machine

Go Against the Machine


Subway - Print for Sim Magazine


Boller Room - Print for Sim Magazine

Sea Devil

Sea Devil

Go Night Guard

Go Night Guard - Illustration for Website

Date – Love Meet

Date - Love Meet

Go & Song

Go & Song - Illustration for Website

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