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Hello Dear Readers i saw many people who are maintaining their blogs on blogger(blogspot) platform wants to know how to reply comment to commentors  with a single click  as wordpress blogs  so today I have wrote a small script through which a blogger can add the option directly to reply the commentor .

Log in to Blogger Dashboard, go to Layout - Edit HTML, then check Expand Widget Template.
You can search for this tag , add the following codes after it:

expr:href='"" + + 

"&isPopup=true&postBody=%40%3C%61%20%68%72%65%66%3D%22%23" + data:comment.anchorName + 

"%22%3E" + + "%3C%2F%61%3E#form"' onclick=', 


"toolbar=0,location=0,statusbar=1,menubar=0,scrollbars=yes,width=400,height=450"); return false;'>[Reply 

to comment]
You should replace YOUR-BLOG-ID with your blog ID, it can be found in your Blogger Dashboard URL, for example,

Click Save Template, then have a look, you'll find [Reply to comment] after each of your blog comments. Click this

link, it will return:
Comment Author
then submit your comment,it will be done

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