Google turns to algorithms to create better-looking ads

The constant push to make ads more visually appealing — reducing the effects of ‘ad blindness’ and helping them to convert better for advertisers and pay more to publishers — continues, as Google announces a pending deal with the Californian startup company Teracent.
Teracent specialises in machine-learning algorithms which have been put to use on the image ads of Google and its partners.
The example given in the announcement shows a standard, human created ad (left) and a similar ad that’s been picked in real time from thousands of different creative elements by these algorithms.

Exact details aren’t given (not only are they proprietary but also likely to be highly complex) but the desired end result is clear: advertisers get to show better converting ads, and the publishers (including bloggers) who display them can earn more.
The algorithm uses a range of selectable factors such as geographic location, language, website content, time of day and past performance of previous ads.
Google already attempts to optimise the ads displayed based on the visitor and the website content, but has had little control over the ad itself. If this goes through, presumably as an opt-in for AdWords and other Google-affiliated ad networks, it could allow for even greater variation.

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