Host your themes images on Blogger itself

Since a lot of free and paid Blogger templates are available now a days, its a big problem to host your image template if you run your blog on blogger. Recently most of the Bloggers’ use photobucket to host their images but it has serious problem of reaching the bandwidth limit after which it stops displaying images.
So here is the free, easy and sure shot solution of this problem. After learning this trick you can host your images on the blogger itself without any cost and limits.
enough, How to do this.
Create a new post in blogger and upload the image. Don’t publish the post, save it in draft.
After the image is uploaded, open it in new window.
Now if you are a firefox user, right click and click on copy link location. If you are on internet explorer, right click on the image, go to properties and copy the url from there.
Note: Don’t copy url from the address bar, it wont work.

Now put this link on image source. Thats it. You will never have to worry for the limits n all. Just blog.

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