Increase Your Traffic With a Higher Post Frequency

I’ve spent so much time building links to my blog that I forgot how much post frequency can increase search traffic.
Typically, I write 2-3 posts per week on my blog. But in the last four weeks, I’ve had more motivation so I wrote four posts every week. This proved to be a good decision as my traffic from search engines has increased by 20% in the last thirty days.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is just write more posts. As long as you’re mindful of keywords, each post you publish is fodder of the search engines to index and rank. Not every post will get a lot of traffic, but it all adds up.
Plus, long tail keywords make up the bulk of your search traffic and each post can target a different long tail keyword.
That’s a big reason why most of the top blogs have a lot of fresh content every day. They already have a lot of authority from their many quality links, but they leverage that authority by publishing a ton of content. For example, Gizmodo has published 13 posts in the last 24 hours. Most of the readers won’t read all those posts but each of the posts will generate some search traffic by ranking for a long tail keyword or two.
Now Gizmodo has an advantage since they have a staff of bloggers, but you still can apply the post frequency principle to your blog.
If you’re used to writing about 10 posts each month, try to increase it to 12-14 posts. Over the course of a year, the 2-4 extra posts per month will attract traffic and you’ll have a much higher yearly traffic total than you would’ve had otherwise

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